We take great pride in the fact that Create Upstate is what the entire Upstate NY design community looks forward to all year. Our promise to attendees is to deliver a memorable, valuable experience time and again, each year better than the one before.

Our sponsors are integral to helping deliver that experience, so it’s no secret we show them lots of love and unique ways of getting them involved. Like us, they believe in seeing design succeed in Upstate NY.

Our attendees are as impressionable and as loyal a group you’ll find, spanning disciplines from indie artistry to print to web. They continue to bene t from our sponsors long after the event, often unearthing reliable services and resources they first discovered at Create Upstate.

With what’s planned, this year is arguably the most exciting time to get involved. Join the amazing organizations supporting the most important design event in Upstate NY.

Sponsorship Opportunities

Sponsor a Student!

If you're interested in sponsoring a student or an individual with economic hardship, send us an email.